At EBC we eat, sleep and breathe BMX. It started back in 1979 and it hasn’t changed. BMX has brought us to Malaysia, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Brasil, USA, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, China and all over Europe. The size of the scenes might be different, but BMX is everywhere. We do have a good view of the BMX market since we visit 25-30 events per year.

American companies have done business with EBC looking to set up a distribution network in Europe and/or maintaining their relationships with the current distros. We know our way around in Europe and have set up networks for Universal Motocross and Racery on the motocross side, and have consulted brands like HARO Bikes and Mirra Bike co. in the bicycle industry.

What works? What doesn’t work? An easy answer for EBC, a tough question for an inexperienced event organiser. Making the right decision can make or break an event so make sure you don’t have to start fixing things from the beginning. Get the experts involved.

BMX-ers ride many different terrain. For a local council to make the right decision it requiers some research and meetings. Why spend the budget on something the riders don’t want or need? EBC’s involvement will prevent that so the money will be well spent.

You want some spectacular BMX action at your Fair, festival, carnaval, TV show, product promo, trade show or other activity? Don’t hesitate to consult us for your needs. Again, EBC’s connections will make sure you get what you are looking for.