Selling your product in the BMX market does not happen on its own. It needs help. Customers need to live the experience, they need to get the right vibe so they feel associated with your brand. At EBC we can help with that in many different ways.

Who are the right riders for your brand? Where do they live? Do they get around? Will they get the message across? Are they willing to make that extra step to promote your brand? Do they have the talent? EBC has the rider connections to create something good.

There are many ways to spend your advertising money. Do you go for print ads? Do you see value in event sponsoring? Or maybe online banner ads will work for you. Over the years we’ve got to know the right media and the right events to make the perfect choices.

Okay, now that you have a team, let’s do something. EBC has created many road trips in the past. What countries make sense to go to to promote your brand? Can we tie it in with an event? Where are the spots?  How much will it cost? Who will be the filmer? Who can take the shots? Hit the EBC Contact button and get in touch.

Depending on the brand, why not have your own event? Be your own title sponsor, make sure your team riders are present and invite all riders to join the party. Use the happening for your social media marketing and/or catalog shoot for instance. EBC can create.