Ever since the first issue of FAT-‘zine in 1987, EBC has been covering the BMX scene. After doing 34 issues of FATBMX magazine, the transition was made to the internet. FATBMX.com was born in 1998 and has been going strong ever since. EBC brings you daily BMX related updates through the FATBMX website.

Next to doing the FATBMX website, EBC creates exclusive content for magazines and websites specialized in BMX such as the BMXLIVE.tv website (USA), BMX Rider Magazine from Germany and BMX Plus! (USA) to name a few. We create Freestyle and Race articles alike.

Hiring a photographer to go to 30 BMX events per year can get costly, but you’re in need for those Social Media pictures. Look no further, contact EBC and jump on board. We’re there and we’ll deliver.

Often overlooked in the BMX community but if you want to grow your brand or event, it’s time to let people know about it. We have an extensive list of media contacts and can write the releases when you need them.

Although not experts in this field, we have the connections to many professional filmers worldwide who can get the job done. Just let us know what you’re looking for and when you need it done.

A newsletter is a good way to inform your riders, customers, dealers, employees, and sponsors about your activities. You’re putting all this effort into this, now it’s time to let everyone inside your circle know about it. EBC can do this for you.